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Al Sigera, BUYER

"Firstly, I was able to reach Dorin easily on the phone. I had a quick chat with him and explained what I was looking for. He gave straightforward answers to all my questions and after signing the NDA, I was introduced to the seller the next day. There was no time wasting or back and forth which I really appreciated. I dealt with the seller and involved Dorin as and when needed on certain things. Dorin was so helpful in speeding up the process as I was able to find different service providers through him. He is friendly and easy to work with so the whole experience was amazing. Lastly, I had to face some personal problems after closing the deal and Dorin went out of his way to help me with the situation. I wish all the best for his future with Practice For Sale.

I have dealt with one other accounting practice broker two times in the past but every time I reached out to them their response was not positive or discouraging. I don't think I would have closed this deal had I not gone through Dorin. This other company does not understand different circumstances of buyers, so they are unable to help all types of buyers. When I talked to Dorin first I was wanting seller financing, however Dorin was willing to let the process start and let me find options if the seller did not agree to that so I managed to resort to other methods and did not need seller financing at the end of the day. Dorin's approach is very flexible and open minded compared to other firms so I would highly recommend Dorin for anyone who is thinking of buying an accounting practice.


David Krawchuk, SELLER

"My Experience with PracticeForSale

I received a promotional letter in the mail about a year ago advertising their expertise in the field of selling accounting practices. I contacted Dorin and he followed up with some written information. We talked several times over the phone and he outlined a program to advertise my practice for sale. I signed his contract and left it in his hands.

I had engaged a broker in eastern Canada to try and sell my practice. He had tried for at least four years to sell and had sent me several interested parties, many of which had flown in to Thunder Bay to talk to me and discuss a sale. There was never any follow-up by the broker. The broker never understood the unique problem of where Thunder Bay was located and the issues of anyone moving here. He left everything up to me to negotiate with any potential buyers and very little follow-up or advice in negotiations. It became obvious to me that his only concern was his commission on a quick sale.

Dorin quickly took charge and advertised my practice for sale. He received an enquiry from several interested parties. He immediately had me summarize my business income sources, client information and various statistics. This process took a couple of months with his guidance. When he was finally satisfied, he gave the information to the potential buyer. I had agreed to let him handle all negotiations and questions about my practice. His style was the exact opposite of my eastern broker. Within a short time a very interested buyer contacted me. I told him that all discussion goes through Dorin. This approach proved the correct one.

Dorin had told me that it was best to let him take charge as the middle man. This would ensure an intermediate person would be more independent in answering questions and not be emotionally involved. This approach was so different for me and I could see the advantages. Having me negotiate directly with the buyer could potentially have me giving information that was legally not correct.

orin went above and beyond to satisfy both buyer and seller. I am truly thankful to him because without his guidance this sale would not have been fulfilled. For several years I was unable to sell my practice. With PracticeForSale there was a satisfied buyer and a happy seller.

Thanks Dorin!
David W Krawchuk. CPA,CGA"