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Happy new year! We are so excited to see what is in store for everyone in 2023.

A new listing has arrived for the beautiful Okanagan region of British Columbia. While the practice has a physical presence, there is a cloud system in place and both the clients and staff are comfortable operating virtually. With gross revenues of $190K, the practice is already expanding rapidly and has a lot of potential to grow even further. The full listing is available on our website here.

In December, we sent out an email about a new listing in Vaughan, Ontario. We are still accepting new inquires for this practice, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. The listing is available on our website here.

We are pleased to announce the Kitchener practice has sold! Thank you to everyone who inquired - we appreciate the time you took to reach out to us.

Practice Tips

The new authorization process for business clients at CRA has proven to be quite the headache, especially when there are lots of clients to authorize after purchasing a practice. In the past, we had our clients sign the AuthRepBus consent form (previously the RC59). However, this seems to be entirely unnecessary now that clients are required to log into their My Business Account to approve the request. Our recent workaround is to have clients create a My Business Account and authorize us directly by entering our firm's business number into their representative list.

We often use the website Loom to create short instructional videos for our clients and our staff. As we know technology can be daunting for some of our clients, our administrative assistant, Christie, created a walkthrough video for our clients on how to log into their My Account / My Business Account and complete the authorization process. We thought we'd share it to our subscribers in case you'd like to create something similar! The Loom video is available here.