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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful family dinner.

Our mailing campaign was very successful. We got inquiries from across the country from both buyers and sellers. Practitioners are happy to connect and discuss with another CPA in public practice that can speak the same language and understand the problems specific to the industry. 

We also have some very good news - we signed up a practice for sale in Ontario and we are in advanced discussions with a few others in Ontario and BC. As soon as the valuations are done, we will post the details on our website and email our registered clients.

It appears the initial freeze in terms of practice transition due to COVID-19 is behind us. Practitioners are considering again selling their practices and the next few months will see an increase in transactions.

Over the past few months, quite a few practitioners have said to us that they would consider moving to another province that is more recession-proof, such as Ontario or BC. Our upcoming practices for sale are a good opportunity for you, your colleagues or your friends to consider. Should you be interested in information about practices in additional provinces, please email us or re-register on our website

Practice Tips

Taxpayers Relief Letters

Recently, I have been in contact with Frank Flynn of Taxpayer Relief Letters. Frank is a former CRA Senior Collections Officer and Taxpayer Relief Adjudicator. His business specializes in the preparation of Taxpayer Relief applications for individuals and businesses with substantial tax liabilities. He also provides consulting services relating to Canada Revenue Agency Collections Division, policies, procedures, and protocols. He works closely with accounting practitioners who want to give their clients the best possible opportunity to ease tax burdens. 

For more information and how to contact Frank, please visit

Stay tuned about the new practices that we will be listing soon. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us if you want to share any practice management tips or schedule a consultation about transitioning your practice in the future.