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Fall is upon us as the days get chillier and the nights get longer. Our September year ends are keeping us busy here in the office!

Today, we have a special listing from a small CPA firm in Ontario, located about 2.5 hours outside of Toronto. A sole practitioner is looking to transition their role from general practitioner to purely bookkeeping, advisory and teaching. The business has fees of $50K from NTR (18-20) and $50K from T1 clients (about 90-100). The files are digital, so physical presence is not required. The practitioner will keep the bookkeeping work and just transfer the file for preparation to the new practitioner. The average NTR preparation fee (not including the bookkeeping services) is $2,500. This is an excellent opportunity for another practitioner to expand their practice. This listing won't be available on our website, so please contact us directly for more details.

Our listing for a successful practice near Hamilton, Ontario is also still available, but we recommend acting fast as we have potential buyers lined up.

Practice Tips

We'd like to shine a spotlight on our current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Hubspot. The platform is incredibly powerful for organizing clients, tracking meetings and emails, or building a marketing campaign. Hubspot also integrates nicely with a variety of other software, such as FreshBooks. We've found their customer service and technical support to be efficient and friendly.

Some of our favourite features include email tracking, which allows us to see emails with clients across multiple company inboxes, and the client organization tool. We sort our clients by contact as well as company, and Hubspot's latest beta update allows multiple companies to be assigned to one contact. We also like assigning custom "properties" to our companies so that we can keep track of year ends, GST return due dates, and much more.