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We exist to help accountants sell their public practice

With more than 20 years of public practice experience, we are a team of designated Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants dedicated to helping transition accounting practices in a painless, efficient process. Through our years of experience and practice, we’ve gained deep insight and understanding of the many ins and outs of healthy and profitable accounting practices and we now seek to help the process of ownership transition be a smooth and uncomplicated one.

Making the decision to sell your accounting practice can be a daunting process. We’re here to help navigate the process from start to finish, ensuring that our clients receive a fair price for the practice, as well as handling the confidential marketing of the practice, qualifying the prospects, and managing the closing process of the sale.

The PracticeForSale advantage

As in any area of real estate or property sales, brokers for accounting practices aren’t necessarily difficult to find, but many may be inexperienced or lack the depth of understanding to achieve the best deal in a sale. We look at things beyond simply the transfer of ownership: like how can the existing staff be transitioned or provided for?

At PracticeForSale we make sure the incoming accountant is qualified to transition and service the clients. A successful transition is not finished when the money changes hands. A successful transition is finalized when the incoming accountant has taken over the business and successfully transitioned into their new ownership role.

We have seen it time and again when some agents do not understand the basics of how an accounting practice is run. Is this a sale of shares or customers list? How is the work in progress valued? What are the qualifications of the incoming accountant? How we communicate the transition to the existing clients? These are just a small number of items to be considered in order to have a successful accounting practice transition. Because we are Canadian Chartered Accountants, we understand all aspects of public practice. We speak the same language and we can advise in an educated and effective manner.

If you are interested in finding out more about selling your business, please contact us.

If you are interested in finding out more about selling your business, please contact us.
For a complimentary, no obligation consultation, contact us in confidentiality.